“The Golden Age” of Video Arcade Games Featuring the Collection of Shayne Braid

These pages present an opportunity to take you back in time and visit an arcade as they were during the height of their popularity in the early 1980’s, or what is now known as “The Golden Age” of Arcades. With titles like Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Donkey Kong, Asteroids, Q*Bert, and Frogger, the phenomenon of Arcades would evolve into a billion dollar industry. This integral part of 1980’s popular culture would inspire everything from lunchboxes to Saturday morning cartoons, to top 40 songs, and popular TV shows. Here you will find Space Invaders the game that kicked off the Golden Age, to Gauntlet, regarded as the last Arcade game made prior to the great “Crash” of the Golden Age.

Enjoy your visit and Game On,

Shayne Braid…



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